Tech Fail

Don’t you just hate it when you get back from holiday and your spam filters have reset and your inbox is full of annoying unwanted stuff. All mended now and everything is happy.
Now we just need to get a junk filter for the house :-)

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Goat Clipping time again

We are having really sunny weather so it’s time to get the goats clipped.

This time they were mostly good, and we got them both done in record time ( for us! ), however the Imp didn’t like his tail being touched, so it got left:

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Kitchen Shutters

I finally finished off the kitchen shutters….I made the first one nearly 2 years ago. So I’ve made the other one of the pair, and fitted them, and made them some handles.

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Door Handles

Today instead of doing something more important…like finishing the radiators…I decided to make some door handles. I had previously mended a can opener by replacing the rotating handle with a piece of cherry wood. It was originally intended for the fire, so it was nicely seasoned!When we couldn’t decide on what door handles to get for the new door, cecilia said why not make some like that can opener handle.

I made a bit of a miscalculation on one side; I had it positioned too close to the door jam, and scrapped the skin off my knuckles first time I closed the door!

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Progress to Xmas Plan

Well my 2 week holiday is now up, so did I manage to complete everything on my list?

The spare room is getting there – it now has a floor, some shutters, and a radiator!

Still need to decide on the wall colouring – I think we have almost decided on light blue. Also needs some skirting boards, and the window sill isn’t quite finished.

Downstairs the passage has been painted, and (ir)radiated!

Big thanks to our lodger Niels for the painting!

We have been dithering about what to put on the floor…current decision is tiles off-white limestoney look.

Not as much as I had planned, but we did have a visitation from my parents which was a definite highlight to the holidays!

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Xmas / New year plan 2010

I’ve taken some time off work, so that I can do some work on the barn. I’ve got three weeks to do stuff, and I sort of have a plan:

  • Passage to work room – needs a floor and painting, and possibly some bookshelves / cupboards,
  • upstairs corridor – I want to get it plasterboarded so you can get to the spare room,
  • spare room – needs painting / a floor / shutters,
  • walls – the bathroom and other rooms are still missing some walls!

After the first week – I have got the floor done in the passage, and hung the door. It still needs painting, and tiles – if we could decide on what we wanted!

The work on the floor was powered by a box of chocolates!

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I’ve completed a couple more scarfs…perhaps one day I’ll make something apart from scarfs!
The latest one was made from some handspun yarn that Amber gave me. This made up the warp, and I used some natural dyed (onion and lichen) as the weft.

The red one behind is a plain mohair, with a pattern of brooks bouquet to give some texture.

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