Cumbrian Floods

We are all OK here in Johnby. Doing a lot better than Cockermouth and Keswick.

river dewent floods into memorial gardens
river dewent floods into memorial gardens

This is the river in Cockermouth at lunch time on Thursday.  Six hours later it was at least 8 foot higher.

The Riverside Restaurant Cockermouth
The Riverside Restaurant Cockermouth

This is a balcony over the river cocker, which is usually 2m down.

I went home before the worst of it happened; I can’t imagine how much water there must have been to get 8 foot flowing down main street.

A flooded bookshop in Cockermouth: the town is home to many small businesses (c) skynews
A flooded bookshop in Cockermouth: the town is home to many small businesses (c) skynews

Work wise my company was flooded, not sure exactly how badly yet. Reports vary from 6″ to 4 foot. Looking at the local news showed some aerial video of part of the factory, showing part of the carpark underwater. There were abandoned cars of which you could only see their roofs. The site is shutdown without power and I’m going to be working from home over the next week.

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5 Responses to Cumbrian Floods

  1. Felix says:

    Thanks for posting this; as soon as I grasped the extent of the flooding I wondered how you and Caecelia and the goats were doing; it’s nice to know you are all OK. Still, I am very sad for all the people of Cockermouth whose homes and businesses have been wrecked by these torrential downpours and for the poor policeman who lost his life when a bridge was washed away… big love to all xxx

  2. ambermoggie says:

    So glad you are both ok and the goats. It is such a tragic event

  3. Philippa says:

    Still thinking of you two and hope things are starting to clear up a bit. xxx

  4. Thanks for the update. I am so glad you guys are ok. I really hope things up there get back to normal soon. It’s just shocking the extent of the damage!

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